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I have hired and recommended MDT to many of my clients on multiple occasions and have had nothing but glowing reviews. Their in depth knowledge of photography and web page design never ceases to amaze me and always leaves me feeling very satisfied with their work. I high recommend them every chance I get!

- Robert Pestello, Director of Sales @ Beach Republic

Event Photography


Professional Photography using the latest digital technology to capture images for your event. From corporate events, conventions, conferences to social events, parties, weddings, sports, and so much more, Master Design Team can meet your ... Read More.

Hotel & Resort Photography


At Master Design Team we specialize in bringing out the beauty and unique character of your hotel or resort. By using the latest digital technology, we capture stunning images that embody the spirit of your location and brand with finer detail, and more ... Read More.

Food & Beverage Photography


At Master Design Team we understand that the primary goal of food and beverage photography is to make food look as fresh and delicious on print and film as you expect it to look when it's served. Using "HD" photography with the perfect ... Read More.

Event Videography


We use the latest in High-Definition (HD) digital technology to capture video for your event providing a final product with higher resolution than standard definition cameras. The result is instantly noticeable with much finer detail and a crisper ... Read More.

Hotel & Resort Videography


At Master Design Team we specialize in bringing out the beauty and unique character of your hotel or resort. By using the latest High-Definition (HD) digital camera technology we capture stunning video that embodies the spirit of your location and brand...Read More.

Web Videography


Let's face it; Video on the web is one of the best and freshest ways to introduce clients to your brand. By utilizing state of the art compression methods we deliver top notch HD video with a much faster loading time than that of the average site...Read More.

Web Design


In today's modern digital age, your web presence is absolutely necessary. Whether you need a new design or a re-design of an existing site, Master Design Team is there to help every step of the way. We conform to all W3c standards in web development.

Web & Mobile Development


90 percent of people on this planet use a mobile device in some capacity. As the world grows and changes, consumers expect more and more out of their digital devices. Let Master Design Team prepare you for the ever-changing mobile landscape.

Graphic Design


We employ graphic designers from many different backgrounds. Whether it's for print or digital media we provide the content you need. Our designers have styles ranging from luxurious to grungy, so whatever your idea may be, we can bring it to fruition.  .

Virtual Tours


By utilizing the latest in 360 technologies we are able to capture stunning HD resolution Virtual tours of your property. More and more businesses are recognizing the uses of fully interactive virtual tours to attract and broaden their clientele via the internet. Our virtual tours are not only Flash based, but HTML5 capable as well.

Virtual Websites


Tired of boring blocky websites? Let us design a virtual website for you. We can incorporate images, video, presentations, and much more into your virtual site. A virtual site gives your clients the ability to get a feel for your business without having to visit your brick and mortar locations.

Virtual Events


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a virtual tour of your event is a stunning manuscript. We can provide both image and/or video virtual tours of your next event. Studios, galleries, arthouses, music venues and many other spaces can reap the rewards of our advanced virtual technology. .