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MDT saved us time and money by keeping the project on time and under budget, we are thoroughly pleased with the digital content provided by the folks at Master Design Team.

- Nathan @ Beach Republic

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6 Mar 2011
Inertia Tours- Spring Break
MDT shot the massive Spring Break
turnout in South Padre this year. DJ's
such as Tiesto, Pauly D, Skribble...


4 Jan 2011
Virtual Tours of Bangkok
Virtual Tours of the city streets
of Bangkok near completion. Plans
to begin Chiang Mai in the New Year.


22 Dec 2010
Photographer shoots G. Love & Widespread
Master Design Team photographer
invited to shoot live music photos
of the New Years Eve Concerts at the Pepsi Center
in Denver, Colorado of Widespread Panic and
G. Love and the Special Sauce.


10 Dec 2010
MDT lands 4-star resort project
Master Design Team lands job to
integrate website and shoot HD
videos, photos and virtual tours for 4 star
eco-resort in Costa Rica.

Social Media Marketing

  • Send your status update from anywhere at any time & it's delivered to all of your networks at once!
  • Consolidate your social networks into a single dashboard to kill login & maintenance time!
  • Expand your reach & organic Search Engine Optimization with low maintenance secondary networks!

Our Social Media Marketing systems are designed as a thorough evaluation and reconstruction of our client's Digital Brand in order to streamline their web-based marketing efforts—saving them time and allowing them to maintain a consistent presence on the web. Your Digital Brand includes everything about you on the web. We evaluate everything from picture and video hosting, to social networks, official websites, blogs, review sites and various promotional outlets.

First, we take stock of all of your login information for all networks and web-based services, and we organize all of that information in a centralized location—hosted on the web and easily accessible from any computer. We designate or create an email account to be used specifically for SPAM purposes. Next, we change all of your login information to incorporate your designated SPAM account as your username, and create a single password to be used with all accounts and networks associated with your Digital Brand. This does a few things—it funnels all SPAM into one place so it is easily dealt with, it removes any confusion about login information for any site or service (which will all be listed in a centralized location anyway), and it creates integration much easier as we go about reconstructing your Digital Brand.

Once all of your login information is organized, we then expand your reach by registering you with various services and networks that you are not yet affiliated with— using the same assigned login information we used with all of your pre-established networks. We look for business listings, blogs, social networks, lifestream networks, instant messaging, chats, picture and video hosting, and we add them to your Brand if they are not already.

Next, we use various web aggregation services (or desktop where applicable) to set up a system of feeds and create a dashboard with most of your networks readily available in one location. Due to the extensive amount of resources on the web, complete integration is impossible, but we assess our clients' specific needs, and work directly with them to develop a system that is as efficient as possible. Our systems are designed to limit login, update and uploading time.

Next, we go through your entire list of accounts and update the project info that you provide us, and develop a strategic method for media distribution and content posting. The idea here is to create a consistent brand over all platforms and networks.

Once your accounts are all up to date, we look at your methods of information broadcasting and communication (newsletters, social network messaging, email, blogs, status updates, chats, instant messaging etc.) We work with you to decide a proper timeline for newsletters and updates so you can maximize the exposure of your Digital Brand, while retaining customer attention and not coming across as SPAM. We work with you to decide a proper system for newsletters and email, and we configure your accounts.

Lastly, we will construct a User Guide for your system, which acts as a guideline and reference for the various networks and services that we used to streamline and expand your web presence as well as social network etiquette and appropriate content creation.